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SOLID GROOVE - 60min Radio Mix

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01 Faithless 'Miss You Less See You More' Switch Remix (BMG)
02 Modeler 'Getts Down' (Dubsided)
03 Induceve 'OoooYessssSir' (Dubsided)
04 Jentina 'French Kisses' Switch remix (Virgin)
05 Switch 'Get On Downz' (Freerange)
06 No Comment 'You Know (What You Find)' (Loungin)
07 Sunship & Warrior Quenn 'Almighty Father' Solid Groove Remix (Casual)
08 Tubby T 'Ready She Ready' Seiji Remix (White)
09 Blaze 'My Beat' Accapella
10 Induceve 'How Y'all Funk' (Dubsided)
11 Roy Davis Jnr 'It's All About Love' (Classic)
12 Rune 'Change For You' Solid Groove Remix

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