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Format: CD
Cat#: HLCD009

- Currently Unavailable -

Listen Up.
Jazzy Drum & Bass Flavas with some chilled Dope Deep Beats.
Featuring Fellowship, Peshay, Total Science, Justice & Neil Trix, Krash and introducing Fat Tuesday.
"Music has wings. It moves upon the wings of intuition and thought." - RA

01.  Krash   'Bar-B-Q'    
02.  Tertius   'Evidence'  
03.  Krash   'Transient'  
04.  Total Science   'Its Not Over'  
05.  Krash   'Tangle'  
06.  Dune   'Angelfish'    
07.  Tertius   'Offset'  
08.  Fat Tuesday   'Thin Air'    
09.  Fellowship   'Sidewinder'  
10.  Justice & Neil Trix   'Mataverse'  
11.  Peshay   'I Need You'    

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